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A little pic in progress… oh yeah…. OH YEAH BABE!! there is Gaako! belive it!!!

jejejeje recently i finally actualiced of naruto manga and… ohhhh babe… OH BABE!!! Lee and Gaara are more canon than… i dont know… more canon than naruto and sasuke?! i mean.. ughhhh i was scared and no… they are the definition of canon!!  and well… i stared to read “Rock Lee spring time of youth!” and well… the anime is a option that will be next (anime of naruto no, i hate it, i give it a chance a few days ago and 1 chapter was enough to regret, never again) but… ohhh babe… you are seeing this pic…??

please.. imagine this words like i’m singing: Someone in the studio ship Lee and Gaara~ <3 so… im sure.. you can wait for more u/////u

Cerca por la_Monge Cap#1

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